Influential overseas Pakistanis should raise their voice in favour of oppressed Kashmiris, Say Speakers of a conference in Warsaw

Warsaw (PR)

Speakers of an online conference have urged the influential overseas Pakistanis to raise their voice in favour of oppressed people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The conference was organized by Pakistan’s embassy in Warsaw, the capital of Poland in connection with the Kashmir solidarity Day on Friday. The event started with recitation of Quran, was moderated by Deputy Head of Mission of Pakistan in Warsaw Naeem Sabir Khan.

Other speakers of the conference were former researcher of faculty of Political Science of Warsaw’s University Dr. Syed Sibtain Shah, Professor of Lazarski University Warsaw Dr. Kamran Khan and Pakistani Economist based in Poland Usman Iftikhar.

Naeem Sabir Khan also read out the message of Prime Minister Imran Khan who emphasized over continuation of Pakistan’s support for Kashmiri sisters and brothers. In his message PM Imran Khan asked India to end brutalities against oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir and fulfill its international responsibility concerning the human rights in occupied Kashmir.

In his speech Dr. Syed Sibtain Shah elaborated background of solidarity with the people of Kashmir. He stressed that people of Kashmir who are facing huge  difficulties need more solidarity today from the world including Pakistan today. The active Pakistanis based in Europe should raise their powerful voice for the oppressed Kashmiris. They should approach influential circles of European countries and try to inform them about facts in the occupied Kashmir.

Professor Dr. Kamran Khan said, there is a need of more awareness on Kashmir problem in Europe, specially we should discuss the basic political and human rights of the Kashmiris with Europeans openly. We should work to make further  understanding of the world that the Kashmiris’ struggle is for their internationally accepted right to self-determination.

Pakistani economist Usman Iftikhar said, human rights has importance in the world today and we should highlight the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. As human rights has been also priority of EU, we can easily divert the attention of the Europeans towards the human rights in occupied Kashmir.

At the conclusion Deputy Head of Mission of Pakistan Naeem Sabir Khan said, we are really thankful to the participants of the conference. He said, government of Pakistan always supports the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He explained that in spite of limited sources, Pakistan responses fake propaganda of India and as well as it competes with its larger enemy at all of the fronts.

Urging the overseas Pakistanis Naeem Sabir Khan also said, it is moral responsibility of the overseas Pakistanis to cooperate in raising the Kashmir issue and particularly, they should raise their voice in support of the oppressed Kashmiris.

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