Speakers of a webinar call for protection of human rights in occupied Kashmir

Brussels (PR)

Speakers of a webinar called upon the international community to protect the human rights of the people of occupied Kashmir.

The webinar was organized jointly by Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), International Council for Human Development (ICHD) and online magazine the Overseas Tribune in connection with international day of human rights.

Issues such as rights of the people of occupied Kashmir, rights of minorities in India, specially issues of violations of human rights in occupied Kashmir and violation of rights of the minorities in India and as well human security and international treaties on human rights were discussed during the online seminar.

International human rights activist and political psychologist Ms. Marjan Lucas, Chair of KCEU and ICHD Ali Raza Syed, political expert Dr. Syed Sibtain H. Shah, researcher of University of Warsaw Roshan Akbar and faculty member of NUML University Islamabad Munawar Ali Mahar were among the speakers.

The speakers emphasized that international community should take necessary steps for protection of human rights of people of occupied Kashmir and minorities in India. Expressing grave concerns over the severe situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir, they urged the United Nation and European Union to take serious notice of the situation concerning human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Addressing the webinar Chair of Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed said, it is above seven decades, the universal declaration of human rights was adopted and today we celebrate the international day of human rights but sorry to say that goals of this global charter have not been achieved so far. He added, human rights are being violated in the different parts of the today’s world but we are still hopeful that efforts of the human rights activists would be fruitful in near future.

About EU’s stance on human rights, Ali Raza Syed said, EU stands over the recognized rights of human being and we are raising the issues of human rights at the European forums. He said, although the political and economic interests are important in all over the world but such interests should not have priority over the human rights. EU’s authorities specifically focus on the human rights and they already have concentrated on a peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. This is the time now that EU’s authorities should play their role for safeguard of human rights including the rights of the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Netherlands based political psychologist Ms. Marjan Lucas questioned that India claims the democracy in its country but where is democracy in Indian occupied Kashmir.

About occupied Kashmir, she said, we should think how we can help the people in that region. It is not easy to work for the human rights in India as funds for the NGOs are restricted or stopped by the Indian government. There is a need of alliances for the safeguard of human rights and people on the ground in Kashmir should be invited to speak.

She said, I appeal to the politicians and diplomats to take their responsibility and alliances of the people on the ground are also very essential. In case of Kashmir, she mentioned the Perveena Ahangar a Kashmiri human right activist and Yasin Malik as the Kashmiri political figure as saying their voices should be highlighted at international level. She regretted that new liberal capitalist society put the human rights at bottom of its agenda but we can achieve our goals for the upholding human rights, If we work together and achieve our goals through the solidary and alliances.

Pakistani political expert Dr. Syed Sibtain H. Shah who moderated the webinar in his opening remarks introduced the human rights and UN charter of human rights. He said, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948 and its first clause emphasizes that human being born free. The declaration says, “We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas and we should all be treated the same way.”  He added, a number of agreements and treaties were signed in the later decades.

Reacher of University of Warsaw Roshan Akbar who recently visited occupied Kashmir said, voices of people of occupied Kashmir are not being reached to the rest of the world. Indian media and state’s media in occupied Jammu and Kashmir are backed by the state’s authorities and for that the media outlets don’t project the Kashmiris’ voice but they try to stop this voice. He added that violations of human rights have been increased in last one year as situation is different in post 5th August 2019 era.

Faculty member of department of international relations at National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad Munawar Ali Mahar talked about importance of human rights and human security as saying human security is essential part of national security and its has various personal, social and political aspects. About impact of terrorism on human security in Pakistan he said, the terrorism has damaged all dimensions of human security. A large number of the people have been killed in the terrorism in Pakistan and their economic conditions have been severely impacted.

The second and last session of the webinar covered answers to the questions, discussion  and conclusion. It was emphasized that beside having human rights, everybody has responsibilities to take care of other’s rights.

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