Norway is the “World Best Democracy” (Report by M. Tariq)

Norway is again on top in world Democratic Index. Pakistan is at 110th place. Pakistan has improved in democratic Index from 2012. While USA trickle down from 17 place in 2012 to 21 place now on democratic Index. UK on 14 place USA on 21 place India on 42 place Malaysia on 59 place Indonesia on 68 place Pakistan on 110 place Russia on 135 place China on 139 place Saudi Arab on 159 place The research arm of The Economist magazine releases an annual “Democracy Index” ranking the strength of democracy in each country.

The U.S. has not been in the top 20 since 2015. The most democratic countries list is topped by the Scandinavian countries & New Zealand. Survey Democracy Index is based on five research variables to judge the Democracy and Democratic decision making in world 180 different countries. These research variables are 1) Electoral process and Pluralism. 2) Functioning of Government 3) Political Participation 4) Political Culture 5) Civil Liberties

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