Overseas Pakistanis, Voting rights and participation in Election in Pakistan ?

Elections in Pakistan
(Written by, M Tariq)
Many Pakistani living overseas holding other countries nationalities and has POC – Pakistan origin card. But these POC holders can not participate in Election both as Voter ,and as a Candidate. In many countries such as Scandinavian countries immigrants with their native country nationality has full right to Vote & Be Elected member in District council, Tehsil Council and in Union Council.
A Pakistani passport holder with 3 years living time can be Mayor of any city, be member of city council in Norway , Sweden etc. In these countries only for national Parliment you should have nationality to Vote and be member of National Assembly. Since many Overseas Pakistani holding POC card, and contributing lot to Pakistan in different sectors, Politics, Business, Remittances, transfers of Human Capital etc. But unfortunately these POC holders Overseas Pakistanis has Zero Rights to be part of Decisions making arena (specially they cannot vote and can’t be Elected Chairman or be member of Local Government councils) of Pakistan.
In this regard we demand PTI Government should work towards changing the Law of Election where POC card holders should allowed to Vote , and Contest Election at minimum District, Tehsil, Municipal, City , Union Council level. This change should be part of agenda to Comittee that is formed in Punjab for new Local Government system. We hope all overseas Pakistani shall lobby, promote , put pressure on PTI Government , PTI Elected representatives to give POC card holders a legal right to serve the nation. Remember overseas Pakistan’s are not just for Chairty, Funding, Clapping for Pakistan & for Pakistani political parties. Now overseas Pakistanis demanding a share in Political & Administrative Decision making.

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