A cultural evening in Poland: A soft attempt for better understanding of Pakistan

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Warsaw (News Report)

A graceful “Pakistani Cultural Evening” was organized by a Polish Multicultural Association at Culture House, old town of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland last night.

“Jasmin Association” which is an organization of people working for intercultural cooperation, has so far arranged a number of the cultural events of different countries in Poland. 

A large number of the polish people from different walks of life and as well as Pakistanis based in Warsaw, attended the Pakistan’s Evening.

A Pakistani lady namely Hina Nisar who is associated with “Jasmin Association” and  living in Poland for last four year, gave a successful presentation on Pakistan’s history and culture.

About Pakistan’s geographical position in the region, she explained through a map and said, despite of unstable situation in the region, Pakistan being much known for a huge cultural melting spot with rich and ancient traditions. She added, vast majority of people of Pakistan manage to live quite normal life and Pakistan itself is one the most culturally diversed countries in the world.

About Punjab, the largest populated province of Pakistan, she said, the province is located in eastern part of the country and it’s capital is Lahore which is historically a large cultural centre. Lahore is one of most liberal cities of Pakistan, exerting its cultural influence on the entire country. Citizens of Lahore hold various celebrations including festivals and other events throughout the year.

The presenter specifically narrowed down her presentation on tradition of wedding as saying weddings in Lahore are always the most important events of the cultural hub. Traditions associated with wedding receptions and marriages in the city are specially vivid and glamorous. Brides’ dressed up in beautiful and colourful clothes along with wearing astonishing jewelleries and as well as decoration of their bodies with henna. The formal part of the wedding lasts for at least three days, but some of the families of brides and grooms start the celebrations even few months ahead.

Through many images and video clips of marriage ceremonies in Pakistan, Hina Nisar tried to describe the wedding celebrations in the country. Her presentation was also followed by questions and answers.

Two small documentaries on Pakistan specially Lahore were also presented during the event. Pakistani traditional lady’s dresses were displayed on the walls during the program.

On the occasion, a session of “Henna – incredible body ornamentation”   was also held during which many of the female participants got henna decorations on their hands. 

Sameer and his polish wife who were of the organisers said, the objectives of such events are to make better understanding of different cultures and civilizations among the people in Poland. “We are trying to make the society peaceful and passive through such events.”

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