A female Norway’s Minister steps down due to her sharp’s tongue

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Norwegian Justice and Public Security Minister Sylvi Listhaug resigned on Tuesday due to her controversial statement about main opposition party.

Though it is a terminology, “Think before you speak” or “Measure and weight before you talk” but some of the people do not care of these ethics.

Sylvi Linthaug is one of the politicians who are famous for their controversial statements as they cannot control their tongue politely.

In her post on 9th March on face book, she had accused the main opposition Labour Party that this party prefers rights of the terrorists over national security.

Since, she posted this controversial statement on the social media site, there was a huge criticism on her from the opposition and as well as some circles of government.

Due to her disputed statements on different issues, Sylvi Listhaug (associate with right wing progress party, Frp) has been always considered as a controversial political figure.

Though, she resigned from ministry today because of political pressure but she did not give up as saying, she would continue to defend her behaviour from parliament.

This dramatic situation in Norway proved that using positive language reduces conflict and make constructive relations with others but negative languages can create an unfriendly and confrontational situation.

It is important to understand that language is an exceedingly powerful tool, whether you communicate orally, or in a written form.

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