Pakistan can’t grow without justice, unity and education: Norwegian MP Dr Tina Shagufta

Tina Shagufta Kornmo Interview with Syed Sibtain Shah

Oslo (Bureau Report)

Acting Member of Norwegian Parliament Dr Tina Shagufta has said, Pakistan cannot be a prospered state without justice, solidarity and unity among the all segments of the society and as well an equal opportunity of education for all.

In an interview, she said, these are three basic and most important aspects and no nation can be developed in absent of these essentials. Justice is most significant and as well as there should be solidarity and unity among all walks of life and high standard of education should be maintained in the society.
She is also head
Giving her message to Pakistani nation, she said, growth of a nation cannot be achieved without above three mentioned elements.

It is important to mention that though Dr Tina is medical doctor by profession but she is also director of Alma Foundation Norway and as well as deputy head of Council for Human Rights, University of Oslo.

Referring free education system in Norway, Dr Tina Shagufta said, there is a free of cost education in Norway and Pakistan should also adopt such practice. Islamabad should focus on maximum development in education. Specially, female education is imperative as an educated woman can help in progress of the society particularly she can hellp in education of children of the nation.

Dr Tina Shagufta who affiliated with Liberal Party of Norway said, Norwegian Pakistanis are in minority in Norway but they have equal rights like majority of the country. This should also be happened in Pakistan because if minority is safe, then majority would also be protected.

To a question about Norwegian Pakistanis, Dr Tina admitted that people from Pakistani origin have good reputation in Norway. Norwegian politicians and officials always acknowledge role of Pakistanis in development of Norway.

About some problems related to integration some of the immigrants, she said, there are minor issues. If people integrated in society will help the isolated segments, then problems could be resolved spontaneously.

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