Pakistan’s Government to stop sectarian violence, Norway’s Sunni and Shia scholars demand

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Oslo (P.R.)

The Sunni and Shia religious scholars in Norway have jointly demanded the government to take urgent and serious steps to prevent the growing sectarian violence in Pakistan. This was stated during a meeting of a delegation of Shia’s scholars based in the capital Oslo held with scholars of the Islamic Cultural Center of Norway (ICC) last week. The Shia’s delegation was included the director of religious affairs of the Organization Anjuman e Hussaini Norway Dr. Syed Zawar Hussain Naqvi, Maulana Syed Qasim Ali Kazimi, Allama Syed Mustafa Mataheri and Alama Ma’adli.

Among the scholars associated with the Islamic Cultural Center were Pakistani-born veteran religious leader Maulana Mohbob ur-Rahman, newly appointed Imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) Norway Maulana Salimullah Alvi, former Imam and eminent scholar Maulana Dr. Hamid Farooq and prominent religious scholars Maulana Syed Fazal Hadi and Maulana Muhammad Asjad. During the meeting both sides expressed serious concern over the rising trends of sectarian violence in recent weeks in Pakistan, saying sectarianism is extremely dangerous for unity of the Pakistani nation. In the meeting, the Shia’s delegation also welcomed the new Imam maulana of ICC Maulana Salimullah Alvi and expressed good wishes for him.

On this occasion, the blasphemy of Ahl al-Bait Athar (a.s) and Sahabah karam (Rz) in Pakistan was also condemned and it was made clear that no one should blame any of Islamic sects for such blasphemy committed by the individuals. Such unacceptable acts of defamation have nothing to do with Islam and any Islamic sect, it is a personal and condemnable act of an individual. Participants of the meeting also condemned violent sectarian practices and sectarian discrimination and demanded that the government should seriously stop the sectarian violent and discrimination. The meeting also condemned a recent hate speech conducted by a so-called “Zakir” during the recent Muharram al-Haram in Islamabad causing shocking environment in Pakistan as the provoking speech allowed some elements to stir up the sectarian violence. “The shia schools have nothing to do with such so-called religious figure or Zakirs, who insult the sanctities of other Muslims, especially the holy family of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his great companions (Rz),” they said. Islamic Cultural Center’s scholars also condemned elements those used to raise slogans against the Shias and create distance in the society. They explained that Sunni and Shia riots are not in the interest of Islam and Pakistan at all.

The meeting emphasized that Sunni and Shias should come together to fight the conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam and not allow any individual to threaten the unity and integrity of the country and nation by spreading sectarianism, sectarianism and sectarian violence.

Meanwhile, three religious centers of Pakistani Shia Muslims in Norway; Tauheed Islamic Center, Anjman e Hussaini and Mohibaan e Ahl beit Norway wrote a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan asking him to address the growing violence against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. The letter also condemned the increasing blasphemy of the Ahl-E-Baht Messenger (S) and the Companions of the Holy Prophet (Aa’a) by some elements.

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