Somali immigrants mostly satisfy in Norway. Pakistanis on number four of satisfaction

( Report by M .Tariq )
Somali immigrants are most satisfied. Pakistani immigrants are at no 4 place for satisfaction of living standards in Norway. Immigrants with Pakistani background are on 4 place comparative with other 11 countries immigrants living standards satisfaction in Norway. Immigrants from Turkey, Poland, Iran and Irak are more dissatisfied with their living standards in Norway. Statistics Bureau of Norway done a living condition Survey within Immigrants from 12 countries. Statistics Bureau had total sample of 4365 respondents. From every country Bureau asked 350 respondents from given total sample. Statistics Bureau has asked Norwegian immigrants how satisfied they are with quality of life in Norway ??, and the answers surprise the researcher behind the report,. The survey shows that of the 12 countries represented in the survey, there are people from Somalia who are most pleased with life on a scale from 0-10: Somalia: 8.8 Sri Lanka: 8.5 Bosnia-Herzegovina: 8.3 Pakistan: 8.1 Kosovo: 8.2 Eritrea: 8.1 Afghanistan: 8.1 Tyrkia: 7.9 Irak: 7.7 Poland: 7.6 Iran: 7.5 Vietnam: 7 On average, there are no big differences in how immigrants experience their own quality of life and the population as a whole. Equally large parts are satisfied, but a slightly larger proportion of immigrants are dissatisfied, says researcher Anders Barstad in SSB, who is also a report writer, to Nettavisen. That immigrants with Somali backgrounds tops these statistics surprise the researcher: “That the Somalis are so satisfied is sensational, all the time, both financial problems and other living conditions are widespread among them. Over 40 percent report that they have difficulty getting the ends to meet. Among the immigrants as a whole, poor finances clearly indicate the quality of life

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