KC-EU louds a noted European photographer for international display of his photographs from IHK

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Chairman Kashmir Council EU Mr Ali Raza Syed has highly appreciated international display of photographs of the famous French-Belg photographer Mr Cédric Gerbehaye.

The website of globally famous National Geographic Channel has uploaded the photographs of Mr Gerbehaye which he snapped during his recent visit to the occupied Kashmir.

The photographs appeared on the website tell how are the miseries of the people of the occupied valley and how they struggle for freedom in a brutal environment and a severe pressure by the occupation forces.

It is important to mention that Mr Cédric Gerbehaye has already displayed his pictures from IHK during two conferences arranged by KC-EU at EU parliament and European Press Club in Brussels last year.

In a statement Mr Ali Raza Syed said, as photograph always gives an important message, these photos show to the world the severe psychological trauma among the people of Kashmir. There is no treatment for such pain; it is necessary to help to bring them out of the trauma, he said,

Mr Ali Raza Syed said, I have noticed that the photos will inspire the humanity and create a compassion in the world toward the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU said, as a photographer Mr Cédric Gerbehaye conveyed an emotive and painful story of the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir through his pictures. He said that the Kashmir’s issue has been on the agenda of United Nations for seven decades and since 1989, a large number of the people have been killed by the Indian forces and as well as a huge number have been forcedly disappeared, and more than 6,000 mass graves have been filled in the Kashmir valley.

He said that unfortunately violence and human rights violations in India-held Kashmir are rapidly increasing. Lack of freedom of speech and restriction on peaceful protest has become and everyday matter in the occupied territory, Mr Ali Raza Syed pointed out.

KC-EU’s Chairman said, we have pledged to continue our struggle till achievement of inalienable right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

“We will continue to make the international community especially Europeans aware of the atrocities in occupied Kashmir and the facts about the severe situation related to human rights in Kashmir. “We want to uncover real and ruthless face of India.”

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