Bajwa’s doctrine explained at Munich Security Forum

General Qamar Javed Bajwa at Munich Security Conference 2018
Author with Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at Munich Security Conference – Photo: Author

Feb 17, 2018, Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa met with global gathering of leaders, policy makers, experts, journalists and academics at annual Munich Security Forum where he once again highlighted the role of Pakistan in eradicating terrorism and extremism from within its soil and its continuous contribution to fight against terror internationally. This year, he Munich Security Forum gathered all leaders with a theme “To the Brink- and Back”.

In his speech Mr. Bajwa, explained to international community that Pakistan is on side of solution in terms of Afghanistan not a problem and the United States along with its allies can not blame Pakistan for its failed strategies in Afghanistan. The Army Chief mentioned that the tensions between Islamabad and Washington intensified after the announcement of Trump administration’s strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan, which was very critical of Pakistan for its alleged inaction against terrorist sanctuaries allegedly used for sustaining the insurgency in Afghanistan.

Mr. Bajwa also emphasized the Pakistan’s role and its seriousness in contributing to Peace & stability not only in Afghanistan but the region in general.

“Pakistan’s lasting domestic peace hinges on stability in Afghanistan”

He categorically denied allegations that Pakistan is harboring any Talibans rather once again brought world’s attention to Pakistan’s serious efforts in form of Operation Rad-ul-Fassad & many missions like that where Pakistan has sacrificed over 25000 soldiers (Shaheeds). He brought to the world’s attention that just in year 2017 over 130 incidents are planned and executed from within Afghanistan and the evidence has been provided to the subsequent Governments.

Currently there are 54 Afghan Refugees camps in Pakistan which are once again causing a severe security dilemma for Pakistan’s security forces to intercept the element of radicalism and extremism who are stationed in these camps and Pakistan simply can not send them back home and respects the International Human Rights charter.

“Pakistan’s counter terrorism Ops are being carried out under NAP”

In his final comments the General stated that the West must acknowledge Pakistan’s serious efforts on war against terror and Pakistan is ready to provide all support it can to being an end to this evil.

Yasir Aziz

Diplomatic Correspondent for Overseas Tribune

Munich Security Forum


Feb, 17, 2018.



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