Why Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender Are Settling Down in Lisbon, Portugal

In Alicia Vikander’s March Vogue cover story, the Oscar-winning actress reveals that she and her new husband, Michael Fassbender, have decided to settle down in Lisbon, Portugal. While both actors will inevitably spend months on the road, it seems a fitting middle ground, given Vikander grew up in Sweden and Fassbender in Ireland. Vikander also notes that the city is very “Williamsburg-ish.” She’s right—much like in the now-infamous Brooklyn neighborhood, Lisbon’s old industrial spaces have been remade into chic restaurants and shops.  “And apparently Madonna moved there,” Vikander adds. (The pop star reportedly owns an 18th century “palace.”)

Of course, Lisbon has been around about twice as long as Williamsburg, so the type of history that the 762-year-old capital offers is incomparable. But if you want a taste of Brooklyn-cool in Portugal, here’s a brief guide on where to go:

For Pour-Over Coffee
Stop by Fábrica Coffee Roasters, where the pour-over coffee will give you a break from endless espressos. They also sell beans if you want to bring a taste of it home (or make it in your hotel). Plus, it’s near one of Lisbon’s main streets, Avenida da Liberdade, which was made to look like Paris’s iconic boulevards. It’s a luxury shopping destination that has recently found new legs with more out-of-the-box retail concepts.

For Organic Food Made in an Open Kitchen
Loco describes itself as “much more than a restaurant, with a gastronomic proposal that goes far beyond a meal.” It’s led by a winner of Portugal’s Top Chef, Alexandre Silva. Writer Celeste Moure described a couple standout moments from the tasting menu: “chorizo stuffed in a steamed bun and served on a bed of greens inside a small wood box, and the oysters cooked at the table in a bamboo steamer.”

For Craft Cocktails 
Also near Avenida da Liberdade, Red Frog serves innovative cocktails in a space that feels very members-only. For more original drinks, try Cinco Lounge, which writer Chadner Navarro calls “undoubtedly the best cocktail destination in Lisbon,” with menu options featuring flowers, coconut ice cream, and grilled peppers.

Source: Vogue

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