Dy-Mayor Gilani of Norway praises opening of Kartarpur corridor between India and Pakistan

Syed Yousaf Gilani (Deputy Mayor Drammen)

Oslo (OT Exclusive Report)

Deputy Mayor of Drammen Norway Syed Yousaf Gilani has praised opening of Kartarpur corridor between India and Pakistan. The ground-breaking ceremony of the Kartarpur corridor between India and Pakistan was held in presence of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and other Pakistani and Indian leaders on Wednesday. The Indian delegation was headed by Indian Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu.

In a welcoming statement Yousaf Gilani expressed happiness over the opening of the Kartarpur corridor hoping that this step would be caused of peace and prosperity in South Asia.

Mr Gilani who represents multi-cultural society of Norway comprising the indigenous Norwegians and as well a number of the people from various including Muslims and Sikhs communities said that the initiative will help Sikh community to realize their long pending demand of paying homage at one of their holiest places located across the border in Pakistan.

“The participation of Pakistani leaders and as well Indian leaders on the opening ceremony of Kartarpur corridor will give both India and Pakistan a chance to further the cause of peace and harmony. The initiative will help the people from across the border to get wind of cultural similarities between the two nations,” he said.
Yousaf Gilani maintained that we hope, Indo-Pak will be witnessed of a new era of friendship and the region would have peace and prosperity soon. If different European countries can open their border for each other, why people of South Asia cannot travel without any hurdle each other countries. War is no solution except destruction. Peace loving people across the border should impress upon their respective governments to bridge the divide and revive the process of interaction between the two countries.

Deputy mayor of Drammen said that This is a step towards reconciliation act for peace between the two nations. Such initiatives will bump up the confidence building measures and help the populace across the border in peace.

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