Norwegian Minister for legal action against refugees visiting homeland

Oslo, News Desk, Aug 5, 2017
Minister of Immigration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) asked people to “follow” and report to the authorities if they know or suspect that refugees they know are traveling to their home country. Norway’s Prime Minister Solberg (H) compares it with thief fishing.
“People have come to me in the election campaign and told about neighbors and others in the community who have been on holiday in the country they fled from. And it seems many people are very strange as these when they came to Norway said they fled from war and persecution but still find that they can go back there on holiday. It hurts both for most people and for me, “Listhaug told NRK TV.
She therefore encourages ordinary people to contact the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) with information about refugees who either travel or have traveled on trips to their home country.
“These help to pick up places from real refugees who actually claim and need protection,” says the minister.
«The top of the iceberg»
According to the Ministry of Justice, UDI currently has 78 individual cases against people they believe have abused the asylum institute by claiming that they need protection in Norway, so to travel to their home country after having been granted a stay here. These people all risk losing their residence permit in Norway.
“I think these issues are just the top of the iceberg, and that many more abuse our system and stay in Norway even if they do not need it. Therefore, it is so important that most people attend and notify UDI if anyone thinks someone tries to trick the Norwegian authorities, says Listhaug.
The minister, who is himself a teacher, believes that special adults who are in contact with refugee children have a special responsibility to report.
– If a teacher hears that a child has been on vacation in a country the family has fled from, then at least I would respond.
– When children come to school and tell what they have done this summer, do you mean?
– Yes, and then tells that it has been in a country the family has fled from? At least there would have been some bells calling me, “said Listhaug.
– But how can people know who is allowed to travel and not?
“If you suspect something, both teachers and other foreign UDIs, not me, but UDI, then they will investigate the matter. They will know what residence and protection status the individual refugees or families to whom they are being advised to have.
KrF-Hareide: – Does a Norwegian value indicate?
KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide has supported the government’s tightening in the regulations for refugees, but is still responding strongly to this Listhaug outpour.
“It’s not allowed to have the kind of vacations, but we can not call for a statement. The minister builds up here creates skepticism and distrust, and I’m afraid immigrants do not dare to participate actively in our society when the minister wants a community of affairs, “says Hareide.
He stamped the play as much to herself as being and believes it is clear that the Frp minister is in election campaign mode.
“An important value in Norwegian society is trust, and this builds trust. It is tempting to ask Sylvi Listhaug: Does an important Norwegian value indicate?
Confronted with the question from Hareide, Listhaug answered yes.
“Yes, I think that taking care of our welfare systems and the justice of our system is a very important Norwegian value. It is not sustainable to allow people to wonder, we should spend that money on someone who actually needs protection.
Solberg compares to thief fishing
Listhaug’s chief, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H), stands behind his government council.
– If you have asylum for protection, you are not allowed to travel to your home country. There may be special exceptions, but those who leave must notify the authorities. If you really know that someone plans to travel to their home country, you should notify the immigration authorities, “says Solberg, adding:
“In many other contexts, we encourage people to report black work, thief fishing and other things in our society that violate the rules.
Former Minister of Justice, Member of Parliament for the Labor Party, Knut Storberget, believes it essentially should be up to the authorities themselves to bring the facts, it is clear in these matters, but writing this to NRK:
– Without calling for squealing, it should still be the case that when we believe the authorities are not given the proper preparation of a case, it is appropriate to tell the authorities about this.
Meanwhile, the asylum seeker’s own association, NOAS, states that there are many different reasons why anyone with a residence permit in Norway chooses to travel to the home country they claim they need protection from.
“I would warn against a request that I perceive as a suspicion on a general basis of visits back in home country, if you do not know the background for it. It may be a last chance to brag about a close relative or it may be to attend a funeral that someone takes that chance even if it is not allowed, “says Secretary General Ann-Magrit Austanå.
“Listhaug, who is responsible for immigration and integration, should think about the impact of the plays she plays in relation to integration, security and suspicion,” she says.
Source: NrK Tv>

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