Norwegian Islamic Centres admire excellence pilgrimage services of Iraq’s Embassy in Oslo

Dr Zawar Hussain Naqavi


Norwegian Islamic Centres based in Oslo, the capital of the country highly appreciated the excellence services of Iraq’s embassy staff for preparing visa and other documents for travel of the pilgrims during the recent “Arabein e Husssaini” in Iraq.

In a letter Hujja ul Islam Wal Muslimeen Dr Syed Zawar Hussain Naqavi addressing the Ambassador of Iraq to Norway said, I significantly appreciate the staff of consular section of the embassy on behalf of the Norwegian Islamic Centres Oslo. The embassy staff not only completed visa process without any delay while also dealt with the pilgrims with their pleasant and helpful attitude.

Dr Zawar Hussain Naqavi who is director for religious affairs of Anjuman e Hussaini Norway also hailed the great arrangements of Arabein’s celebrations in Iraq. He also congratulated the nation and government of Iraq for defeating terrorist group “IS” and liberating the Iraqi territories from the extremist radical group.

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