Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, Says Dr Tahir Qadri in Norway

By Syed Sibtain Shah (Oslo, Aug 04, 2017)
Chief of a Pakistani religious-political organization, “Idara Minhal ul Quran” Allama Tahir ul Qadri has said, Islam is message of Peace and love and has nothing to do with terrorism.
He was addressing a gathering of Norwegian people in a city of near capital Oslo. The conference was organized at opening of three-day Al Hidaya Camp in Norway. Dr Qadri said, I have studied different religions but I have never seen hate in teaching of any religion. Purpose of the religion is to safe humanity and promote peace and love at the globe, Unite the people. For that we are here to gather. Today the extremist ideology, all radical terrorist and militants whatever their agenda and idea and thought, they misguide the youth. Their ideology is hatred and they have no relation with Islam and any other region. Using the name of the religion, they misuse the region for their own agenda. They are enemy of humanity and religion. They are friends of non but enemies of every one. We have to identify what differentiate between Muslim and terrorism. I as student of Islamic law and Islamic theology. I say, with responsibility and authority that terrorists may use any name, we can not stop using name but we can stop them by our behavior and unity. They abuse Islam but because of them we can not blame the religion of Islam. They misuse holy terms for their unholy agenda. Peace is legacy of religion. Safety of human being is fundamental right of every one. It is equal in Islam. Islam gives safety of human rights including basic and universal rights. Nobody is allowed to kill any civilian and harm people of other religion and other communities. Terrorism has no religion.
According to Islamic teachings, you have to respect rights of every body including the other people. Killing of human is not jihad. We are here for uniting the people, not dividing the people. Islam is concept of friendship, not enmity. Prophet of Islam (PBUH) provided these rights in his city of Madina. Terrorists are out of Islam, they are out of religion. We should not attach the word Islam with terrorism.
Al-Hidayah is a concept established by Minhaj-ul-Quran International in 2006. The sole purpose of this retreat is to provide spiritual uplift, development and both personal and spiritual growth for the participants.

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