Government in Pakistan calls military in Islamabad

Government in Pakistan calls military in Islamabad

Islamabad (Bureau Report)

The government of Pakistan has formally called the military to protect the capital Islamabad and its twin city Rawalpindi. The capital’s administration has penned the letter to summon Pakistan Army as situation keeps on worsening in twin cities amid crackdown against sit-in’s protestors.
The decision was taken to fortify security arrangements of sensitive buildings. The letter states that enraged protesters can inflict loss on sensitive public and private buildings situated in twin cities.

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Interior Ministry Notification to Call Army in Islamabad

It is at the time, when on Saturday, a policeman was killed and more than 200 people including policemen were injured during the classes between police and protesters in the capital city.
The protesters were staging a sit-in for the last 19 days ignoring the government’s appeals and court orders to end the protest.
They demanded for resignation of a minister of federal cabinet for his allegedly involvement in changing a section of the country’s law in a religious matter. Karachi and many other cities are also witness of the slimier clashes today.

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