Karachi’s influential prisoners are living the dream


shahrukh jatoi

KARACHI: Suspected murderers, rapists and terrorists are inmates of the Central Jail, Karachi. Or, they are supposed to be. Around 40 convicted and under-trial prisoners have been living a life of luxury at various public and private hospitals in blatant violation of prison department laws.

Infamous convicts, like the murderers of university student Shahzeb Khan and A-Level student Suleman Lashari, have been living in private wards of hospitals that they have turned into their homes away from home.

Some prisoners have even been ‘admitted’ to private hospitals for months at a time. According to an official letter written by Central Jail, Karachi Superintendent Hasan Sahito, a copy of which is available with The Express Tribune, around 16 under-trial prisoners were referred to government and private hospitals for expert opinions, minor diseases or medical check-ups a year ago but have not returned to the jail.
Source: Express Tribune

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