51 stolen vehicles recovered in ‘largest ever’ operation in Pakistan: Sindh Rangers

Pakistan Sindh Rangers Recovered 51 Stolen Vehicles | 51 stolen vehicles recovered in 'largest ever' operation in Pakistan: Sindh Rangers

Sector Commander Sachal Rangers revealed on Saturday that 51 stolen vehicles have been recovered in a province-wide operation, which he termed the “largest” in the country’s history.

Sector Commander Brigadier Naseem, flanked by Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) East Irfan Baloch, said that the police and Rangers arrested two individuals — Qazi Muneeb Ahmed Siddiqui and Mohammad Shiraz — with weapons and a stolen vehicle during snap checking in Nazimabad a few days ago.

“Initial investigation disclosed unexpected revelations as the two were found to be active members of an inter-provincial car-theft group,” Naseem said. The arrest followed an earlier recovery of four vehicles from different parts of Sindh.

Following the revelations, a detailed strategy was created and a team was formed to ensure the cars were recovered and given to their original owners, he said.

During the operation, it was revealed that “a group is stealing a large number of vehicles and sending them to other parts of the country,” he said. While the real owners are being deprived of their vehicles, the new buyers are also unaware that they are stolen, he added.

Naseem informed the media that a total of 16 people were arrested during the operation which has been going on for around six months. While 10 of those arrested have been released, others are being kept in detention for further investigation, he said.

A total of 86 cases of stolen vehicles have been registered in the province, of which 51 vehicles have been recovered. The vehicles will be handed over to the real owners following legal procedure and court orders, he said.

Source: Dawn

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