Human Rights Movement UK asks Norwegians to help Rohingyas in Burma

Rana Basharat Ali Khan in Norway

Oslo (Bureau Report) Human Rights Movement UK President Rana Basharat Ali Khan has urged the Norwegians to help Rohingyas in Burma.
Addressing a Friday’s gathering at Islamic Cultural Centre Oslo, he asked the Norwegians to donate for the oppressed and persecuted Ronhgias in Burma.
He specifically insisted the Muslims in Norway to raise their voices in support of the oppressed Burmese Muslims and donate what they can for them.

Rana Basharat Ali said, Rohingyas are being victimized and killed because they are Muslims. Don’t forget them because they are connected with other Muslims through “La illaha Ill Allah Muhammad Dur-Rasullullah”. Addressing the Muslims, he said, we have to stand with the oppressed people, not aggressors.
He described, we are followers of Imam Hussain and his household who stood against the brutal and evil forces of ruthless ruler “Yazeed”. We are followers of Hazrat Umar Farooq who donated half of his wealth for Islam.

During his stay in Oslo, Rana Basharat also met Bushra Ghazanfar, the Head of Core-Competencies International, Red Cross Norway, Rana Abid, Afseen, Nazir Khalid Butt of Kharian Welfare Society Norway and Dr Awais Mushtaq, the Secretary General Islamic Cultural Center Norway as well as Imam of the Center Maulana Mehbub ur Rehman.
President of Human Rights Movement UK Rana Basharat Ali Khan is on a visit to Norway as part of his awareness campaign on Burmese Rohingyas Muslims in Europe.

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