Kashmir EU Week at EU parliament gives a productive outcome on Kashmir cause, Says PM Raja Farooq Haider

Raja Farooq Haider Khan in Belgium

Brussels (PR)

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said, Kashmir EU Week at EU parliament is an effective platform and it started to give productive outcome on Kashmir cause. He said, he felt that ice is being mild now and EU’s people started to listen the Kashmiris. The Prime Minister gave this statement at conclusion of Kashmir EU Week at European Parliament.

Raja Farooq Haider said, it was a successful program at European Parliament including conferences, seminars, debates, an exhibition of photos from occupied Kashmir and meetings with different MEPs and EU officials.

I realized that European have started to understand the Kashmir problem, AJK’s PM said. He expressed hope that events like Kashmir EU Week would strengthen our vice for Kashmiris suffering from Indian atrocities.

He said, during his meetings at EU parliament and other EU institutions, he have tried to explain reality of Kashmir issue that this dispute is main hurdle in efforts for peace and prosperity in South Asia.   The region would not witness of harmony and stability until this dispute is resolved.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir particularly met MEP Sajjad Karim and expressed special gratitude for hosting Kashmir EU Week arranged by Kashmir Council EU.

Dr Sajjad Karim said, he always feel delighting and happiness by hosting the Kashmir EU Week organized by Kashmir Council EU at the parliament. Specially, he is grateful to AKJ’s PM Raja Farooq Haider and Senior minister Ch Tariq Farooq for their participation in program.

The Prime Minster met a number of other European political and diplomatic representatives in Brussels including, Chairman Sub-Committee on Human Rights Pier Antonia Panzeri, Head of Pakistan and Afghanistan Division at External Action Services of EU Dietmar Krissler, EU’s Envoy to Pakistan Ambassador Jean Francois Cautain, Member EU parliament Ms Julie WARD, member of Committee on Civil Liberties and Justice and Substitute member of Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Human Rights Ms Ana Gomes, MEP Mr. SIMON, MEP Wajid Khan, Former MEP Mr Hultin and Regional Representative for Europe to Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Birgit Van Hout and Mr. Willy Fautre President of Human Rights without Frontiers Belgium, Former Member Brussels parliament Ms Daniele CARON, MP Brussels Parliament Dr Zahoor Manzoor.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed and Senior Minister AJK Ch Tariq Farooq were also present during the meetings.

During the meeting the Prime Minister emphasized that resolution of Kashmir issue would help in abolishing arms race in the region. He underlined that India wants to smash the innocent people of Kashmir by brutal force but Kashmiris want salvation of the brutalities and as well as their right of self-determination.

If the international community wants stability in South Asia, then it should help in resolution of Kashmir issue. We request to peaceful Europe to play its useful role for just solution of the long standing Kashmir dispute.

He also called upon EU to send its fact finding mission to Indian occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir as well. He added, we shall continue to knock on the door of EU for intervention on Kashmir issue. We hope that our voice would be listened and our request would be practically realised by EU.

Particularly, Chairman Sub-Committee on Human Rights Pier Antonia Panzeri was one of the important meetings during which the PM handed over a honorary shield to him. Mr Antonia Panzeri very keenly listened to the prime minister and emphasized that human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir should be stopped. Expressing sympathy with the oppressed people of Kashmir, he added, the region should be come out from the hostile situation.

He asked for more facts about atrocities in Kashmir, so that these violations should be to prevented as soonest.

In the meeting with Regional Representative for Europe to Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Birgit Van Hout, the Prime Minister asked UN to stop black laws in Indian Occupied Kashmir and increase authorities of UN’s military observers for preventing aggressions of Indian forces on line o Control of Kashmir (LoC). He said, attacks on the Azad Kashmir’s territory by Indian forces based in LoC is a routine matter which causes civilian casualties and damages of their properties.

In the separate meeting, the Head of Pakistan and Afghanistan Division at External Action Services of EU Dietmar Krissler told the AJK’s PM that issue of human right is among basic principles of EU and EU gives important to it.  The official stressed that human rights violations in Kashmir should be stopped.

AJK’s PM meeting with member of Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of EU parliament Ms Ana Gomes was also a convenient interaction.

Ms Gomes who belongs to Portugal, is also substitute member of Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Human Rights of EU parliament.

She assured the Prime Minister that she realize the pain of suffering of the Kashmiris and will take her colleagues in EU parliament in confidence about this meeting. She said, peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute is necessary for prosperity of the region. Mainly, it is essential to avoid a war between the two nuclear state India and Pakistan.

The PM said, EU should play its role for prevention of human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and as well as for a suitable resolution of Kashmir conflict. Ana Gomes said, there is need of further struggle after UK’s exit from EU on Kashmir and I hope such efforts would give more successful effects.

Meanwhile, Raja Farooq Haider along with his delegation visited Kashmir Council EU’s secretariat where he was warmly received by Chairman Kashmir Council EU and other members of the council. He appreciated the efforts of Kashmir Council EU for raising Kashmir issue and assured that government of Azad Kashmir will continue its coordination with the council for making more and better understanding on Kashmir issue among the Europeans.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) expressed gratitude to Raja Farooq Haider and his delegation for participating in Kashmir EU Week. He also expressed hope that visit of AJK’s PM would give fruitful results in the context of Kashmir issue. Praising efforts on Kashmir, AJK’s PM handed over an award to Ambassador Anthony Crasner, the former senior diplomat of EU and Senior Advisor to KC-EU. Raja Farooq Haider said, it is our duty to raise voices in support of Kashmiris who are suffering from Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir. We need unity and coordination, so we could effectively our raise voices at international level.

During visit to KC-EU secretariat, Senior Minister Ch Tariq Farooq also appreciated the efforts rendered by the Council. He said, we are grateful to Kashmir Council EU’s team and its Chairman Mr Ali Raza Syed for inviting us at Kashmir EU Week at EU parliament. He siad, we shall continue our coordination with KC-EU for more effective work on Kashmir.

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