Norway’s government will stop parts of its grant for the Islamic Council, Says Minister

Islamic Council Norway

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Norwegian Media reported that government will suspend some parts of its grant to Islamic Council Norway (IRN). The grants will useful for alternative methods for cultural dialogues for the integration purposes

Minister for Culture Norway.

Daily Dagbladet reported that Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland said, “The religious dialogue is too important for government to achievement the objectives”.

The government will suspend the operating grant to the Islamic Council Norway, partly because it believes that the Council is unable to fulfil its tasks as a bridge builder, the newspaper added in its report while quoting the minister.

The report was published on Monday by quoting Norwegian News agency NTB.

According to the daily, the Ministry of Culture believes there is significant doubt about the Islamic Council Norway (IRN) is fulfilling its tasks as a bridge-building organization, dialogue partner and partner for religious and religious communities, organizations, civil society and the public.

The media added, the money will be useful for other dialogues by support of the parliament.

– Religious dialogue is a crucial contribution to integration. Therefore, the government has increased the funds for this purpose. There is now significant doubt as to whether IRN contributes to fulfilling the purpose, and therefore the government resolved to stop operating support for the council, “said Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland (H).

The government says that the government wants more religious dialogue and would rather that the money goes to support for dialogue projects.

“When the ministry now recommends to the parliament that IRN will no longer receive state aid, it is because the trust of IRN is no longer exist. The conflicts in and around IRN have clear consequences for the organization’s ability to do what they get money to do. The religious dialogue is too important for IRN to get in the way, “said the Minister of Culture.

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