Denmark will forbid face-covering (Niqab) in Public

Ban on Naqab in Denmark | Ban on wearing Burka in Denmark
Denmark will introduce bill in the parliament for banning on use of face-covering cloth (Niqab), as Austria, France and Belgium have done it before.
The proposal for such a ban is promoted by extreme right wing group Danish People’s Party which will primarily target Muslims’ garments like nikab and burka.
Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke of Rasmussen of Centre Right-Liberal Party Left supports the proposal, but emphasizes that it will only effect cover clothing that covers the face, not headwear like turban or jewish kippa.
“You should not be able to conceal in public space,” some of the supporters of the proposal said.
A large majority in the Danish parliament, including opposition parties such as the Social Democracy, will vote for the bill.
Several countries in Europe including Belgium, France, Italy and Austria have already introduced a ban on burka and nikab.  In Germany and Spain, there is a partial ban on clothing that covers the face.
The proposal will imply a non-religiously motivated ban on masking in the public space and thus will effect Muslims using face-covering garments.
There is also debate on the issue among the Muslims in Denmark. Some of them have neutrality on the issue and some support but some them termed it discriminated attitude of the political circles. They believed that  some political parties just want to gain political interests even by hurting the emotions of the Muslims. 

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