72.4 % higher education among second generation of immigrants in Norway

Education Survey in Norway
Oslo (Bureau Report) 
A survey conducted by the ministry of education of Norway revealed that many of the new generation of people from foreign background specially Norwegian Pakistanis have increased their educational status at higher secondary school (college) level as compare their parents.
The report which was published on an online Norwegian newspaper further revealed that some of the children achieved to maintain educational status of their parents who brought it from their motherland.
The report said, the second generation of immigrants’ women will also soon get educational level equal to other Norwegian in completion of higher education.
Four years ago, the ratio was 70.6 percent of all pupils who completed high school/intermediate. The proportion of Norwegian-born pupils with immigrant parents specially Pakistanis was 66.3 per cent.
Four years later, the number for “all” crabbed up to 73 percent. While the proportion of second generation of foreign immigrants has increased to 72.4 per cent. 

The report said, its means teachers, students and their parents worked a lot in last four years in order to achieve the target as saying many of the new generation of the people with foreign background became positive contributors to the national economy of Norway.
Kadafi Zaman and Ch Zaman
The report which was published with an example of an energetic Norwegian journalist from Pakistani background namely Kadafi Zaman that he could be able to maintain educational status of his graduate father Chaudhary Mohammad Zaman. Ch Zaman who migrated to Norway in 1970s, born and raised in a village in Gujrat and then travelled to a city of Pakistan for higher education.
Kadafi Zaman said, I am proud that my parents were educated and they took care of my education with all of their attention.
Chaudhary Zaman also expressed satisfaction on the education of his children including Kadafi.
 Deputy mayor of drammen
Talking to Overseas Tribune, Deputy Mayor of Drammen city of Norway Mr Yousaf Gillani said, we are proud upon our new generation in Norway which has been advanced in every field. He said, the new generation of Pakistanis in Norway are not only ahead in Education but they also playing active role in the country’s national politics.
Gillani who is Norway born child of Norwegian Pakistani parent added, four people from Pakistani background have been elected as member of national parliament in the recent Norwegian elections.

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