Norway’s parliament to be elected today: Tough competition observed

OT’s special report on Norwegian parliamentary elections 2017

As the electoral process for Norway’s national parliament to be completed today, tough completion is being observed among the different political parties including largest ruling party Horey (Conservaties) and leading opposition Labour Party. Almost of the political parties introduced their candidates in all over the country.

Some of the candidates belongs to foreign origin including Norwegian Pakistanis and many of them expect their victory in the elections.  Particularly Hadia Tajik of Labour Party, Abid Raja of Liberal party and Mudassar Hussain Kapoor of Horey (Conservatives) party have more chances of success as they have been already members of the national parliament. Dr Tina Shagufta, M. Nasir and Aisha Naaz Bhatti are new faces for the parliamentary slots.

Labour party’s representatives Dr Mobashar Banaras (member of Oslo city parliament and Ghulam Sarwar (member board of party at Hellerud locality Oslo) said that they expect significant achievement of their party in the elections.

Some of the surveys say, the conservatives who are in ruling alliance would be able to continue their government along with right wing parties. Meanwhile, labour party would also gain more support of the voters due to economic crunch specially increasing unemployment because of oil crisis in the recent years.

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