A successful interesting Story: How a Sri Lankan refugee becomes billionaire in Norway?

How Rasiah Ranjith Leon becomes billionare
Oslo (Bureau Report)
Rasiah Ranjith Leon (49) came to Norway as a refugee in 1998 but now he sold his company and gains billions.
Norwegian Newspaper Finansavisen reported that as an entrepreneur, he started the mobile company Lebara with two others because he was understood that it is expensive to make a phone call from Europe including Norway to overseas. He achieved his goal and It has proved to be a bit of a success story.
In September, Leon sold out his company, which was priced at one billion dollars – equivalent to eight billion Norwegian Kroner. As a result, Leon, now living in London, with a gain of approximately 2.5 billion Kroner. The buyer of the Lebara company with 3.5 million users is the Swiss firm Palmarium.
“Since its establishment in 2001, Lebara has been recognized as one of the fastest growing pan-european mobile companies. Lebara offers inclusive and available low-cost services for travelers, students and migrant communities around the world, ” said a press release on September 18th. Last month, the Lebara had 275,000 outlets along with 3.5 million users in September.
Rasiah Ranjith Leon was could not find his profession’s job while started to work as a cleaner.
“I hated it, but I had no choice. I did not want to go to social or borrow money, but wanted to work and survive. It was only temporary, the goal was always to start something myself so I could get my family here, Leon said.
18 hours of working days have been more the rule than the exception, he pointed out as saying, “It’s not easy to start up in a foreign country, but you must have courage and you must have a clear idea of ​​what you want. When I start business, I never feel like I’m in a foreign country. I never think that I or others are different, but I was learning new things. What I want to do, I did, he said.

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