Vi elsker dette landet (we love this country): A Veteran Norwegian Pakistani Intellectual

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Oslo (News Desk)

A Veteran Norwegian Pakistani intellectual has said, Norway is our country and we love this country a lot. In an interview with Overseas Tribune, he said, Norway has given a lot to us but question is that what we are giving to Norway now? This was a question to him that do you love Norway while he replied, Ja, vi elsker dette landet , which means we love this country.

The veteran journalist, Raja Mansoor Ahmad who worked as Chief Editor of a monthly magazine namely, “Payam e Masharraq” (Message of East) in Norway, spent almost years including golden period of his life in this beautiful country of Scandinavia and now his second and third generations are living in Norway. He said, Norway’s national interests are our interests and we have to protect the Norway’s interests.

About Norwegian Pakistani community he said, the community learned a lot from Norwegian society but learning process of human being never stopped. “We have to learn more and more. We are part of Norwegian society and should play our effective role for harmony and unanimity of the whole state.

He asked the media to play a role for strengthening of the humanity, not weakness of the society. Media can play a role for betterment of the humanity but they should not exploit the weakness of the people. Norwegian Pakistanis should consider themselves as integral part of Norwegian society and fully participate in all necessary social and political and other important activities in Norway. About his former magazine in Norway, Raja Mansoor said, he tried his best to make bridge between people from Pakistani background and Norwegian indigenous society and for that my work was appreciated by Norwegian people.

To a question on his recent statement on former Pakistani President Musharraf’s visit to Norway, Raja Mansoor said, yes, I said, this was mistake the organizers who could not wisely handed Musharraf’s lecture on international affairs at Nobel Peace Centre. “Raising a question is a democratic right of every one but issue was created when the organizers tried to forcefully prevent the presenters of queries. They don’t know how to hand a question in a function in a country which’s system is based on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.” They tried to decline the questions and Musharraf wanted to answer but they also stopped him which caused disturbances in the event. He said, “My second criticism was misleading Musharraf in the context of his appointment with the Norwegian Prime Minister. The organizers should also learn that this is a democratic country, everything is being shaped here in a democratic system and we have to go through proper channel and proper way.

Former Chief Editor of ‘Payam e Mashraq’ emphasized said, we have to learn further as we need to have more understanding of Norwegian system.

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