People should use their democratic rights in Elections: Pakisan Union Norway

Pakistan Union Norway
Oslo, News Desk,
Pakistan Union Norway, a leading Norwegian Pakistani Organisation has urged the people specially minorities with foreign background to use their vote.
‘Right to vote is constitutional guarantee in Norway. It is your democratic right to vote wisely.’ A statement issued by the union’s spokesperson Mansha Khan said, we are fortunate enough to live in a country where there is a democratic right to vote in favor of our desired party.
Pakistani Union Norway asked all the people with foreign back ground specailly Norwegian Pakistanis to participate actively in the elections, to think what matters are betters for your future. It’s important to vote because that’s how you can approach politicians to think about a positive change in the system. It’s important to focus on your heart issues and what matters are most important to you and which party is closest to your point of view.
Pakistan Union Norway’s statement said, this is democracy that there could be many things, we can disagree about but we can agree on many of the issues.

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