A Norwegian Pakistani Artist presents an art work showing circumstances of an expected Nuclear war

A Norwegian Pakistani Artist Anwar Kazmi presented an art work

showing circumstances of an expected Nuclear war (click on below video and read its related text as under)

Oslo (Exclusive Report)

A Norwegian Pakistani Artist Syed Anwar Ali Kazmi created a picture showing circumstances of an expected Nuclear war (possibility between two nuclear states of South Asia – India and Pakistan).

He shows in this piece of art work how the people will face a long starvation and other miseries as after effects of the War.

It is important to mention that as India revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed constant curfew in Indian Held Kashmir, the relations between two nuclear powers Pakistan and India became more tensive, which can be called a threat of nuclear war in the region of South Asia.

Basically, this picture was created in 1980s, when two nuclear disasters due to leakages of nuclear plants in Soviet Union and United State happened.

In an interview, the Artist Anwar Kazmi pointed out, situation is more critical today as there are threats of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan due to Kashmir problem. He asked the world powers to prevent an expected war between Pakistan and India. He siad, if Kashmir issue is resolved, the tention in the region could be decreased and a war can be prevented.

Apart of from the immediate destruction of infrastructure and the loss of millions of lives, the Nuclear war can cause of a severe starvation for a long time.

For the survivors of a nuclear war, the remaining radiation hazard of the atomic attack could represent a grave threat for a long time after the war. Predictions of the amount and levels of the radioactive fallout are difficult because of several factors but the explosion of some hundreds of atomic bombs would cause a nuclear winter, with disastrous impacts on the environment and human food resources.

After effects of a nuclear war can remain for a long time. For example, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which witnessed the nuclear attack in 1945, faced the radiation for many years.

The Piece of Art work of Anwar Kazmi Showing Circumstances of An Expected Nuclear War 


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