We admire Iraq’s embassy in Norway for swift visa on Arbain, Says Dr Syed Zawar Hussain

Hujjatul Islam va Muslimeen Dr Syed Zawar H. Shah

Oslo (PR)

Director religious affairs of Anjuman e Hussaini Norway, the oldest Shia religious organization in the country Hujatul Islam wal Muslimeen Dr Syed Zawar Hussain Shah said, we are thankful to the honourable Ambassador of Iraq and his respectable staff that pilgrims from Norway received visa for Arbain without any difficulty. He added that such cooperation and encouraging behavior of the embassy is highly appreciable and we hope that such inspiring collaboration will continue in the future.

A group of the Norwegian Shia Muslims have obtained visa of Iraq in the recent days in order to travel Iraq for participation in the Arbain procession in the holy city of Karbla this month. Some of them left Norway for Iraq and rest of them will depart for Iraq soon.

A statement issued in Oslo, the capital of Norway said, other Shia religious centers based in Norway including Markaze Mohibaan e Ahlulbait and Markaze Imam Ali are also grateful to the ambassador and the embassy staff for issuance swift visa to Norwegian Shia’s pilgrims, who travel to Iraq for participation in the Arbain procession in Karbla this month. They appreciated Iraq’s embassy for well and on time visa arrangement on Arbain this year.

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