Norwegian Pakistani Artist Anwar Kazmi returns home with dignity

Norwegian Pakistani Artist Syed Anwar Ali Kazmi who faced hardships in Pakistan last year as he was  tortured in Lahore, finally by returning home joined his family in Norway with a great dignity as the main opponent in his case Malik Riaz Mahmood and his supporters apologized on their mistakes.

Earlier, the additional Session Judge of Lahore Mohammad Irfan Basra cancelled bail before arrest of Malik Riaz Mahmood and other people involved in this case as saying police should arrest them in order to complete the legal proceeding. Syed Anwar Ali and his lawyers Advocate M. Jamsheid and Aftab Bajuwa successfully Mr Anwar Ali Kazmi in these cases in Lahore.

It is important to mention that the Norwegian Pakistani artist Syed Anwar Ali Kazmi was seriously injured in a brutal attack by the influential person Malik Riaz Mahmood (not Riaz of Bahria Town) and his body guards in Lahore in October 2018.

Syed Mohammaed Anwar Ali Kazmi, 67, was in Pakistan in order to take care his family business of restaurant branch at a rental property opposite to Bahria Town Main gate in Lahore.

Malik Riaz and his people had also captured money and other personal belongings to Mr Anwar Ali and had further ordered his guards to raid rental property of the restaurant and beat up the employees and seal the restaurant. Police of Sunder police station Lahore had lodged a FIR on request of Anwar Ali Kazmi.

After a few weeks rest in Norway, Syed Anwar Ali Kazmi appeared to tell Syed Sibtain Shah, the Pakistan intellectual that as Malik Riaz and his supporters asked for pardon, I forgave them and withdrew the cases against them. They also returned my restaurant and other items and I sold out them to another person. According to Anwar Kazmi, Malik Riaz admitted that this was mistakenly happened and he and his colleagues feel guilt on this unintentional act.

Syed Anwar Ali talks to Syed Sibtain Shah in a pleasant atmosphere (file photo)

Syed Anwar Ali Kazmi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all of the people in Pakistan and as well Norwegian Pakistanis who supported him during the critical time in Pakistan last year. “I am specially grateful to Mr Qamar Iqbal, Chairman Pakistan Union Norway who in my case wrote letters to the authorities in Pakistan.


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