Chairman PUN Qamar Iqbal asks Chairman NADRA for resolution of issues of overseas Pakistanis

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Islamabad (PR)

Chairman Pakistan Union Norway (PUN) Chaudhry Qamar Iqbal has called upon Chairman NADRA Usman Yousaf Mobin to resolve the issues concerning Overseas Pakistanis.

Qamar Iqbal handed over a letter addressing Chairman NADRA in a meeting with Director General (DG) Vigilance Directorate NADRA Lt-Col Retired Ch Adnan Hafeez Chohan.

During the meeting, which took at  NADRA Head Quarters Islamabad, Pakistani researcher and Journalist Syed Sibtain Shah, Senior Member Pakistan Union Norway Mir Nasir and Writer and Senior Journalist of Gujrat Arshad Mahmood Raza were also present

Issued related to high fees of Origin Cards for people of Pakistani origin, unfamiliarity of low educated people with NADRA online system, difficult process of NADRA’s ID application, limited validity of Origin Cards and NICOPs and etc.

Chairman PUN also called NADRA to provide authority to the Pakistani non-governmental organizations based in abroad or restoration of NADRA offices at Pakistani embassies in the context of technical help for creation and submission of online NADRA applications.

The DG NADRA Col Adnan Hafeez carefully listened Ch Qamar Iqbal and immediate directed his staff to dispatch the letter of PUN to NADRA’s chairman office.

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