World Democracy Index 2019

(Written by , M. Tariq )

Norway is the world’s most democratic country.

With 9.87 points out of a possible 10, Norway tops the 167 countries that are included in the index. Iceland is just behind showed democracy index.

Sweden follows in third place as the most democratic EU country, followed by New Zealand. Denmark, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Australia, and Switzerland.

These ten countries make up the group which, with more than 9 points, gets the term “full democracy”.

In the same category, but in the score range of 8-9, are the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK, Austria, Malta, Spain, and Uruguay.

At the opposite end of the scale are Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, and North Korea.

Russia ends up in the category of “authoritarian regime”, in company with, among others, Azerbaijan and Iran.

At No 1 place Norway
At No 3 place Sweden
At No 5 place Denmark
At No 6 place Canada
At No 13 place Germany
At No 14 place UK
At No 25 place USA
At No 41 place India
At No 112 place Pakistan
At No 159 place Saudi Arab

Out of total 167 countries
All muslim countries is below number 75 place.

Where Islam message are clear ,Collective decision would happen through Consultation.

But sadly whole Islamic world countries Government dependent on personalities & Dictatorship.

Result of this Dictatorial Rule are, Lack of Development and people from muslim countries migrate to non believers countries.

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