Elections 2018: Unofficial results of provincial assembly seats start pouring in

Unofficial and unconfirmed results of a large number of provincial assembly seats have been received as more are pouring in.

Chief Election Commissioner Muhammad Raza Khan congratulated the people of Pakistan for participating in a “democratic polling process”, and expressed gratitude for the polling staff across the country as well as the security personnel deployed on Wednesday.

Unofficial results of provincial assembly seats are as follows:


PP-200 (Multan-VII)

Winner: Riaz Ahmed, PML-N (43694 votes)

Runner-up: Waheed Asghar, PTI (39315 votes)

PP-201 (Sahiwal)

Winner: Murtaza Iqbal, PTI  (44221 votes)

Runner-up: Muhammad Hanif, PML-N (33497 votes)

PP-11 (Rawalpindi VI)

Winner: Chaudhry Adnan, PTI (43089 votes)

Runner-up: Raja Arshad Mehboob, PML-N (24052 votes)

PP-245 (Bahawalpur)

Winner: Zaheer Iqbal, PML-N (39950 votes)

Runner-up: Muhammed Asghar, PTI (31460 votes)

PP-248 (Bahwalpur)

PML-N’s M Afzal Gul wins with 39190 votes

Independent candidate Khalil Ahmed is runner-up with 29199 votes

PP-121 (Toba Tek Singh)

195 polling stations

Leading candidate: Saeed Ahmed Saeedi, PTI (37400 votes)

Runner-up candidate: Amjad Ali, PML-N (35252 votes)

PP-120 (Toba Tek Singh)

204 polling stations

Leading candidate: M Ayub Khan, PML-N (37609 votes)

Runner-up candidate: M Ramzan, PTI (35311 votes)

PP-195 (Pakpattan V)

Winner: Kashif Chishti, PML-N (45484 votes)

Runner-up: Khan Ameer Hamza, PTI (30936 votes)

PP-245 (Bahwalpur)

Winner: M Asghar, PTI (39950 votes)

Runner-up: Zaheer Iqbal, PML-N (31460 votes)

PP-100 (Faisalabad)

Winner: Zaheeruddin, PTI (38500 votes)

Runner-up: Effat Meraj, PML-N (20000 votes)

PP-104 (Faisalabad)

Winner: Safdar Shakir, PML-N (42237 votes)

Runner-up: Shahid Khalil Noor, PTI (32849 votes)

PP-184 (Okara)

Winner: Memant Mohsin, Independent candidate (45620 votes)

Runner-up: Raza Ali Gilani, Independent candidate (23740 votes)

PP-277 (Muzaffargarh X)

Winner: Alamdar Abbas Qureshi, independent candidate, 26563 votes

Runner-up: Iqbal Khan, independent candidate, (20221 votes)

PP-246 (Dera Ghazi Khan VII)

Winner: PTI’s Samiullah Chaudhry (40780 votes)

PP-289 (DG Khan)

Winner: M Hanif, independent candidate (31028 votes)

Runner-up: Shaheena Kareem, PTI (16580 votes)

PP-146 (Lahore)

Winner: Hamza Shehbaz, PML-N (70551 votes)

Runner-up: Zaman Naseeb, PTI (40485 votes)

PP-154 (Lahore-I)

Winner: Akhter Ali, PML-N (54769 votes)

Runner-up: Mansab Awan, PTI (30659 votes)

PP-48 (Narowal)

Winner: Mannan Khan, PML-N (46675 votes)

Runner-up: Arif Khan, PTI (28340 votes)

PP-279 (Muzaffargarh)

Winner: Ashraf Khan Rind, PTI (42562 votes)

Runner-up: Ahmed Yar Hinjra, PML-N (23728 votes)

PP-227 (Lodhran IV)

Winner: Siddiq Baloch, PML-N (46072 votes)

Runner-up: Nawab Amanullah, PTI (39022 votes)

PP-94 (Chiniot II)

Winner: Ilyas Chinioti, PML-N (51238 votes)

Runner-up: Ali Hasan, PTI (22112 votes)

PP-151 (Lahore VIII)

Winner: Aslam Iqbal, PTI (70517 votes)

Runner-up: Baqir Hussain, PML-N (61112 votes)

PP-161 (Lahore XVIII)

Winner: Nadeem Abbas, PTI, (34994 votes)

Runner-up: Faisal Ayub, PML-N (30987 votes)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

PK-59 (Charsadda IV)

Winner: Fazal Shakoor, PTI (19350 votes)

Runner-up: Qasim Ali, ANP (9520 votes)

PK-23 (Shangla)

Winner: Shokat Yousafzai, PTI (15291 votes)

Runner-up: Rishad Khan, PML-N (12371 votes)

PK-2 Swat

Winner: Sharafat Ali, PTI (12,335 votes)

Runner-up: Jaffar Shah, ANP (6583 votes)

PK-3 Swat

Winner: Haider Ali, PTI (12779 votes)

Runner-up: Sardar Khan, PML-N (7184 votes)

PK-5 Swat

Winner: Fazal Hakeem, PTI (18012 votes)

Runner-up: Muhammad Amin, MMA (10371 votes)

PK-9 Swat

Winner: Mehmood Khan, PTI (17251 votes)

Runner-up: Ayub Khan, ANP (9311 votes)

PK-41 Haripur

Winner: Arshad Ayub, PTI (40500 votes)

Runner-up: Faisal Zaman, PML-N (29230 votes)

PK-42 Haripur

Winner: Faisal Zaman, independent candidate, (29,500 votes)

PK10 (Upper Dir I)

Winner: Badshah Salah, PPP (14843 votes)

Runner-up: Muhammad Ali, MMA (13340 votes)

PK-12 (Upper Dir III)

Winner: Inayatullah, MMA (20873 votes)

Runner-up: Najmuddin, PPP (1360 votes)

PK-22 (Buner)

Winner: Sardar Hussain Babak, ANP, (21918 votes)

Runner-up: Raj Wali, MMA, (15134 votes)

PK-37 (Abbottabad)

Winner: Sardar Aurangzeb, PML-N (36340 votes)

Runner-up: Waqar Nabi, PTI (23056 votes)

PK-38 (Abbottabad III)

PTI’s Haji Qalandar wins by securing 31037 votes.

PK-39 (Abbottabad IV)

Winner: Mushtaq Ghani, PTI (22070 votes)

Runner-up: Inayatullah, PML-N (17540 votes)

PK-31 (Mansehra)

Winner: Babar Saleem, PTI (34544 votes)

Runner-up: Zahoor Ahmed, PML-N, (22424 votes)

PK-32 (Mansehra)

Winner: Abrar Hussain, MMA (16,786 votes)

PK-33 (Mansehra)

Winner: Nawabzada Farid, PTI (17480 votes)

Runner-up: Ahmed Shehryar, Ind (9323 votes)

PK-83 (Hangu)

Winner: Shah Faisal, PTI (13960 votes)

Runner-up: Ubaidullah, MMA (11059 votes)

PK-30 (Mansehra)

Winner: Ahmed Hussain, PPP (32294 votes)

Runner-up: Ziaur Rehman, PML-N (27605 votes)

PK-6 (Swat V)

Winner: Amjad Ali, PTI (17063 votes)

Runner-up: Habib Ali, PML-N (10920 votes)

PK-42 (Haripur III)

Winner: Faisal Zaman, independent candidate (29500 votes)

Runner-up: Gohar Nawaz, independent candidat, (23410 votes)

PK-84 (Hangu II)

Winner: M Zahoor, PTI (8000 votes)

Runner-up: Jehanzaib, MMA (6200 votes)


PS-61 (Tando Allahyar)

Winner:  Imdad Pitafi, PPP (43,617 votes)

Runner-up: Khair Muhammad Khokhar, GDA (27,844)

PS-80 (Jamshoro I)

Winner: Murad Ali Shah, PPP (42442 votes)

Runner-up: Jalal Mehboob Shah, SUP (17499 votes)

PS-75 Sujawal

Winner: Hussain Sherazi, PPP (27626 votes)

Runner-up: Ismail Memon, MMA, (9741 votes)

PS-77 (Thatta I)

Winner: Riaz Hussain Sherazi, PPP (49348 votes)

Runner-up: Arsalan Bukhsh, PTI (6120 votes)

PS-78 (Thatta-II)

Winner: Ali Hassan, PPP (50103 votes)

Runner-up: Zaib Niazi, PTI (4460 votes)

Source: ARY

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