Kashmir Council EU praises journalists working in IHK

Chairman Kashmir Council Eu Ali Raza Syed

Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Mr Ali Raza Syed has praised the journalists who are engaged in revealing the facts about problematic situation prevailing specially a large scale human right violations in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

In a statement on the World Press Freedom Day, Mr Ali Raza Syed said, we really admire the struggle of Kashmiri journalists who highlight the truth despite of risk on their life in IHK.

He expressed serious concerns over lack of freedom of expression and specially freedom press and violations of rights of press and expression by Indian state agencies and security forces in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is important to mention that media censorship by the Indian authorities in IHK is a routine matter as journalists are being attacked and harassed on a daily in the occupied region.

“We strongly condemn the attacks on journalists and state censorship on the media in IHK”, Chairman Kashmir Council EU said.

He urged the World influential powers to pressurize India to allow local and foreign journalists to report freely from IHK.

Mr Ali Raza Syed also expressed solidarity with journalists in the regions of the glob and asked the intentional Community to insure safety and security of the media persons in the world.

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