Maryam lashes out at court for disqualifying Khawaja Asif in ‘fixed match’

Maryam Nawaz on Thursday criticised the court’s decision against Khawaja Asif, saying that the PML-N lawmaker has been disqualifiedin a “fixed match”.

She was commenting on the Islamabad High Court (IHC) decision to disqualify Asif as a member of the parliament.

Maryam took to Twitter soon after the announcement of the decision, saying: “Those who could not be defeated while playing fairly have been ousted after fixing the match.”

“Mark my words, people will vote even the shadow of Khawaja Asif” in the upcoming election, she said.

Maryam also changed her profile picture to honour the veteran politician, who held one of the most important portfolios of power, foreign affairs and defence, during the tenure of the incumbent PML-N government.

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