A Pakistani Organisation presents a special award to a young Norwegian philanthropist for her noteworthy humanitarian work

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Oslo (Bureau Report)

A Norway based prestigious Pakistani welfare organisation has presented its annual award to one of the youngest Norwegian philanthropist for her noteworthy humanitarian works for the Syrian refugees in Europe.

The 18 year old Ms Andrea Hoff Haga who is currently studying at third year of higher secondary school in Norway, has been involved in the humanitarian work including volunteer services to the Syria refugees in Norway and Greece in the recent years.

The distinct award of Islamabad-Rawalpindi Welfare Soceity Norway (IRWS) was handed over to her at a graceful ceremony in Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

The annual gathering of IRWS was attended by a large number of the people from different walks of life. Haga’s parents Mr Kjetil Haga and Mrs.Hanne Hoff and as well as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Norway Ms Riffat Masood were also present on the occasion.

Ms Hoff Haga not only worked for the refugees in Norway while also provided her humanitarian services to the Middle Eastern refugees stationed at their different cities in Greece.

According to her, she has travelled totally nineteen times to Greece in order to help the refugees from the Middle East and express solidarity with them for last two and half years. She and her parents expressed their gratefulness to the Pakistani organisation for acknowledging her humanitarian job by giving this significant award.

The other segments of the ceremony were addressed by Pakistan’s Ambassador to Norway Ms Riffat Masood, President Islamabad-Rawalpindi Welfare Society Norway Mirza Mohammad Zulfiqar, Vision Forum’s President Arshad Butt, Allama Iqbal Fani of Minhaj Ul Quran, Mufti Zubair Tabbasum of Ghusia Muslim Society Norway and young speaker Hasnain Sarwar addressed.

The topic of the gathering which was moderated by IRWS’s General Secretary Rashid Awan and senior office bearer Yousaf Khan, was related to Pakistan’s Resolution of Pakistan and Current Situation in Pakistan. The speakers emphasized that youth should know about the history of independence movement of Pakistan specially sacrifices offered by the people for their separate homeland in Subcontinent.

Some of the office bearers of IRWS including Mirza Anwar Baig, Ch Mazhar Hussain, Raja Ghalib Hussain, Aqeel Qadir and Ismail Sarwar, Ali Asghar Shahid and Yousaf Khan were also praised for their volunteer services for the welfare organisation.

Islamabad-Rawalpindi Welfare Society Norway (IRWS) is one of the most active Norwegian Pakistani welfare organisation based in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The Society not only works for welfare of its members based in Norway while it has also helped the deserving people specially people affected by severe earth quake  of 2005 and floods of 2010, 2013 and 2014 in Pakistan so far.

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