Man accuses FIA of torture

LAHORE: The man, who had suffered serious injuries after allegedly jumping off the FIA building on Temple Road on Friday, was said to be ‘stable’ now.

Sajid Masih of Shahdara was called by the Cyber Crime Wing at their Regal Chowk Office for allegedly uploading some blasphemous content on a Facebook group.

Sajid approached the FIA to record his statement where he allegedly jumped from the fourth floor of the building. He was rushed to Ganga Ram Hospital and later shifted to General Hospital from where he was taken to Mayo. Civil Lines police registered a suicide attempt case against him.

Earlier, Shahdara police registered a blasphemy case against his cousin, Patras Masih, for allegedly posting blasphemous material on Facebook page Paglon ki Basti.

Sajid in his video statement to the media said the FIA had called him to their headquarters at Regal Chowk to record statement. He said the officials allegedly tortured him and snatched his mobile phone.

“They asked me to abuse myself, but I refused to do so. Later, they asked me to sexually assault my cousin, but I remained silent and jumped from the building,” he said.

FIA Deputy Director Khwaja Hammad rejected the allegation and said the suspect was called for inquiry because he was a member of the Facebook group allegedly involved in sharing blasphemous material.

He said the suspect was asked to unlock the phone as a result he got panicked and jumped from the building. “No one had even touched the suspect,” he said. He said they did not go for breaking the password because it could cause data loss.

Source: Dawn

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