KEA cautions against intensive militarism in Sub-continent.

Pervez MehmoodPresident of Kashmir European Alliance Sardar Pervez Mehmood  has cautioned against the intensive militarism in Sub-continent. Sardar said that the heavy expenditures on military force  in Sub-continent has created the danger of war in South Asia. It is time for the voices of reason and responsibility  to caution against militarism and demand strict adherence by  both states India and Pakistan  to the UN Charter’s central principle: the prohibition of the use or threat of use of force in international relations.

India has deployed its strike forces in forward positions, in accordance with its Cold Start doctrine, which contemplates a massive surprise attack against Pakistan. In response, Pakistan has adopted the doctrine of ‘full-spectrum deterrence’ under which Pakistan could utilise short-range nuclear missiles to break up large attacking Indian formations. America’s new alliance with India has emboldened the Modi government to adopt a more aggressive posture towards Pakistan. Under the American umbrella, New Delhi is engaged in the brutal suppression of the latest Kashmiri revolt and ceasefire violations along the LoC.

The  modern India has no respect for international law, UN resolutions or international agreements.  India prides itself on being a culture and civilisation that developed and embodied the age of enlightenment, norms and obligations. But  India is no longer holding its promises despite all the fine talk about the imperative of  democracy, human rights and freedom. India must not forget  that  the basic norms and obligations of international conduct which are enshrined in the UN Charter need to be universally practised.

Since the start of the armed rebellion in Kashmir, no soldier or officer found guilty by the courts has been prosecuted because of the protection they enjoy under the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act. Under AFSPA , a soldier can shoot at anybody even on mere suspicion. Human Rights defenders say the sole aim of this law has been to institutionalize violence in order to instill fear among the people to suppress the prevailing political sentiment. Indian puppet regime explains that if the government starts giving justice to the victims, it will demoralise the forces and complicate their efforts to execute the job of holding “territory through use of overwhelming force” in the name of the national interest.

Solution to dangerous issue og Kashmir can only emerge from an international consensus in support of an overriding and enforceable commitment to uphold human dignity and human rights without exception. A UN-centred new world order including an amended UN Charter is the 21st-century imperative, Sardar maintained.

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