Norwegian Statistics of 2017: Muhammad is most popular in Oslo

Oslo (Bureau Report)
Muhammad was most popular among the male children in Oslo last year, a recent survey revealed.
According to the Norwegian Statistics department, beside popularity of name Muhammad in the capital Oslo, generally Sofie and Jakob were the most popular names in the country.
The name Mohammad is referred to the Muslim expatriates based in Norway and its shows that most of the Norwegian Muslims live in the capital city and their numbers in rest of the country are less.

Muhammad as Popular name in Oslo Norway
Muhammad as Popular name in Oslo Norway

The name Jacob which was at the top of the boys last year, comes from Hebrew Yaakov. By 2016, Nora and William, the two names were known on a national basis. Even then, Mohammed’s name was peak in Oslo.
Muslims in Norway are a religious minority but Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity. Roughly 2.3% of the population of Norwegians were Muslims and 55% of them lived in the counties of Oslo and nearby region of Akershus.
Scholarly estimates regarding the number of people of Islamic background in Norway vary between 120,000 (2005) and 163,000 (2009). About 40,000 Norwegian Pakistanis are the largest groups among the Norwegian Muslims in Norway.
The Pakistanis who had migrated to Norway as guest workers in 1960-70s have so far played important role in construction and development of the country.

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