Naqeeb’s family rules out compromise with Rao

KARACHI: The family of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud, who was killed in a “fake encounter” last month allegedly by former SSP of Malir Rao Anwar, on Thursday ruled out any compromise with the suspended accused officer in the name of Diyat, or blood money, minutes after the reports of a possible deal between the two sides hit the news channels’ headlines.

The news channels claimed through their unnamed sources that the family of Naqeeb had agreed to receive blood money to “pardon” former SSP Rao, the key accused in the murder case. One of the channels quoted “reliable” sources to claim that the talks between the two sides finally led to an agreement on Diyat but the amount of the blood money was not shared yet. It was also reported that Naqeeb Ullah was represented by the aggrieved family but the identity of those representing Rao Anwar were not ascertained.

However, within the next few minutes Naqeeb Ullah’s family took to social media to clear their position. In a video message, Noor Rahman, a cousin of Naqeeb Ullah, who was quite instrumental in raising voice for his “murder” on social media before the authorities intervened and took notice, rejected all such reports and called them “speculative” and “planted by certain elements to benefit the killers”.

“All such reports are nothing but a bundle of lies,” he said. “The people who do not want justice to prevail must be in favour of such a deal; we are not. I have talked to Naqeeb Ullah’s father, who has categorically denied any dialogue between the two sides. We stand by our demand which is severe punishment to killers of Naqeeb Ullah.”

Source: Dawn

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