PM Khan talks economy, governance and civil-military ties in wide-ranging TV interview

Prime Minister Imran Khan has shed light on various subjects of national importance including the state of the economy, civil-military relations and governance issues in a wide-ranging interview broadcast on TV on Monday.

In the pre-recorded interview, Khan answered questions by a panel of journalists representing various media organisations.

Rupee devaluation

The prime minister said he had found out about last week’s plunge in the value of rupee after watching the news. He said the decision to decrease the value of the currency against the US dollar was taken by the State Bank.

“Please remember, we are trying to autonomise institutions,” he said. “We have made SBP autonomous, they took the decision because they deem it fit.”

He said the previous PML-N government had left a trade deficit of $19 billion, which increased from a previous deficit of $2.5 billion.

“The PML-N govt had spent $7 billion to [artificially] maintain the value of the rupee,” he said.

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