Azadi Train to begin journey of Pakistan on August 12

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ISLAMABAD (PR) Azadi train preparations are underway at Rawalpindi Carriage Factory, where more than 100 laborers are working to finalize models of different cultural heritages of Pakistan. On August 12 Azadi Train will be inaugurated for celebrating 70th Anniversary of Pakistan.It will start its journey from Margalla Railway Station. It will portray genesis of Pakistan, our past and bright future besides highlighting cultural diversity of the provinces and different regions of the country. PNCA will arrange 36 folk artists i.e. singers and musicians including puppeteers to accompany the Azadi Train 2017, for which funding will be provided by Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage (IB &NH).The artists and singers will perform at all major Railway Station including Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore ,Multan, Sukkar ,Quetta and Karachi as per schedule of Azadi train. It will stay at every station to provide an opportunity to the people of those areas to see the beautiful cultural and historical models displayed on the train.

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