A clash avoided with Tahir ul Qadri as a Norwegian Minister terms “Wolves in sheep’s cloths”

Oslo, News Desk, Aug 06, 2017,

Norwegian Minister for Immigration and Integration Ms Sylvi Listhaug who is from Progress Party (FrP) accused some so-called pro-western Islamic scholars as wolves in sheep’s cloths.

She was addressing as a guest speaker at a conference organized by Minhaj ul Quran International in city of Sarpsborg in Norway.

A large number of Muslim youth from all over Europe gathered for education against extremism in conference Sarpsborg.

Without mentioning names of the people, she said, “We are completely aware of the fact that there are wolves in sheep’s clothes. Important people who proclaim one view officially but something entirely different when they are speaking to their own communities.”

She added, “This has been brought to the surface on multiple occasions and according to several respected newspapers. The main speakers of this event who are fighting for a set of values in the west, are completely different one at home.”

Then the minister challenging the main speakers of the event including Dr Tarhir ul Qadri, asked, “Is it true the main speakers today are for stoning as a formal punishment or the death plenty for blasphemy?

She said, those views are completely incompatible with the Norwegian and western values. I am looking forward to hear from the next speaker.

Among the invited guests were ambassadors, representatives from the church and politicians and people from different walks of life..

Norwegian media reported that the Norway’s Minister for Immigration and Integration  used her speech to confront Tahir ul Qadri as one of main speakers of the event.

According to some experts, she was confused to understand Dr Tahir ul Qadri who is regarded as a moderate and progressive direction in Islam. She wrongly accused the scholars like Dr Tahir ul Qadri as wolves in sheep’s cloths. Meanwhile, some other say that she intently raised this question because it is elections sesson and by blaming Muslims for such conversial issues, she wants to gain more votes for her party.

In his speech, Tahir ul Qadri did not answer to Listhaug’s remarks questions, but spoke that terrorism and extremism have no place in Islam.

“Those who use Islam to promote their own extremism are enemies of Islam and of humanity, he meant.

Meanwhile, former Secretary-General of Islamic Council Shoaib Sultan does not think a youth conference on issue of extremism was the right reason for Listhaug’s index finger.

“It’s okay to address controversial themes, but there’s something about the reason and where you are. I really did not think what she was taking had so much relevance here.

However Listhaug herself thinks that it was the right arena. But she praises Qadri to make clear distance from terrorism.

“It’s awesome that he’s so clear and says it’s incompatible with Islam. But there are also other things that need to be discussed, including freedom of speech and gender equality, she believes.

Source: http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/sylvi-listhaug-konfronterte-hovedtaler-pa-ekstremismekonferanse—det-finnes-dessverre-ulver-i-fareklaer/68566855

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