Pakistan maintains a position of neutrality in resolving Ukraine Crisis, Says Pak’s Envoy

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Report by Yasir Aziz

Pakistan’s out-going Ambassador to Ukraine has said, Pakistan maintains a position of neutrality in resolving Ukraine Crisis.

Overseas Tribune’s (OT) Warsaw-Poland based ‘Diplomatic correspondent’ Mr. Yasir Aziz had an honor to meet with the out-going Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Ukraine, H.E. Maj. Gen. (r) Athar Abbas at his residence in the capital city of Ukraine- Kyiv early this month.

The interview was OT’s new series of Program – ‘The diplomatic correspondent’. The interview lasted for over 30 minutes during which the bilateral relations between Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Ukraine were discussed at all levels. The matters discussed were notably; Socio-Political aspects of bilateral relations; Socio-Economic aspects, development opportunities in Military and Strategic partnerships and future of cooperation and role of Embassies in both countries consecutively on building a bridge and bring both the nations at a common platform.

The Ambassador has emphasized on political establishment of both countries to come together and initiate projects to improve bilateral relationships and get advantages from resources that we have in both countries. The Ambassador has also focused on an urgency of development of cooperation in terms of Trade relations.

‘Pakistan maintains a position of neutrality in resolving Ukraine Crisis’, said the Ambassador Athar Abbas. He  reinstated that “We want resolution to the crisis as per International norms and regulations.  A use of multilateral diplomacy on norms of International laws under UN is inevitable to resolve the crisis.”

Talking about the millennium project initiated by China ‘One Belt One Road’(OBOR), the Ambassador underlined the importance of project that can be a source of “great connectivity” of South Asia region with the  entire Central Asia and Russia adding that the future lies in it.”

Discussing about the security dynamics in the region and talking about the ‘strategic balance’ in the South Asia region, the Ambassador stated, “With India’s tilt towards United States, the game on to apply a check on China” “The Russian federation is shifting its position based on realities on the ground and thus Pakistan emerges as a great potential and strategic partner for it”

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