Three in One: A Norwegian Pakistani a physician, a tent pegging player and now Norway’s Weightlifting Champion

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Oslo (Bureau Report) 

It is very difficult to be specialized in more than one fields but there are some people having such God gifted ability of learning every art of life.

The 27 years Old Norwegian Pakistan Dr Zubair Akram who is a medical practitioner, is also Norwegian National team player of tent pegging and finally became national weightlifting champion of Norway.

By securing a gold medal in a recent powerlifting national championship in Norway, he became first Norwegian Pakistani who won the weightlifting championship in the category of 83-kilo. There were around 160 participants in the competition where Dr Zubair Akram lifted 640 kg in total of three squat, bench press and deadlift exercises.

Talking to Geo TV  Dr Zubair Akram said, he has been lifting the weights sporadically since his high school years. The last 3-4 years have been specific for the powerlifting as he completed his studies in medicine in 2015 from Poland. Even earlier during the academic years, he was able to do exercise at the same time. Dr Zubair said, the training for powerlifting is time-consuming, and I could have training for 2-3 hours a day and 6-7 times in a week as it was my main ambition and goal to win Norwegian Champion.

To a question about his hobby of tent pegging (nezabazi), he described, he is member of Norwegian national Tent Pegging team and his team would go to be qualified for World Cup of Tent Pegging in January 2018.

It is important to mention that Dr Zubair is Norway’s born but his father Mohammad Akram had migrated to Norway from village of Boht nearby Mandi Bahauddin city of Pakistani Punjab in 1980s.

Dr Zubair also spent the first 7-8 year of his childhood in Pakistan. Giving message to youth specially Pakistani youth, he advised, every youth should have goals in their life and should have constructive hobbies and activities in extra time. About his hobby of tent begging, Dr Zubair revealed that it is his family sport, as his grandfather started it for around 50 years ago, then proceeded by his father, and now he and his brother. “We do regularly Tent Pegging in Pakistan and as well as represent Norway in International competitions”, Dr Zubair added. He further said, we had an international competition last year in Norway where teams from Russia, USA, Germany, Pakistan and Norway contested. We also took part in a competition in Germany this year where we were able to take several medals, he concluded.

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