PTI Nazriati Norway will participate in inter-party elections

Pti Norway will play its role in making of new Pakistan says Chaudhary Afzaal Nabu
Oslo (Bureau Report)
PTI Nazriati chapter Norway made its own panel in order to take part in inter-party elections in the country. It was decided after consultation among the members of the group in a meeting in Oslo, the Norway’s capital.
A statement of the group said, PTI Nazriati Norway members got no choice than to go in Election with own panel, because of negative attitudes by other group.
The panel would be comprising the President Afzaal Ch Nabo, Vice president Ch Tahir Akram, General Secretary Mohammad Fiaz and Information Secretary Aftab Khan. Shahid Jamil is nominated as a advisor for the panel.
The statement added that initial goal of the group is to adopt maximum paid members for PTI Norway until 05 November 2017. With completion of the membership, the panel will work on different mobilization and election campaign activities in Norway.
According to the statement, the meeting was attended by Aftab Khan, Tariq Mohammad, Mohammad Fiaz, Tahir Akram, Shahid Jamil, Afzaal Ch Nabo. It was also joined by Tariq Mir through telephonic conversation.

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