Educational diplomacy can be an effective tool in Pak-EU relations, Say Dr Yar Muhammad

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Chairman Pakistan Estonia Association Dr Yar Muhammad Mughal said, Educational diplomacy can be used as an effective tool in Pak-EU ties specially Pakistan’s relations with recently emerged Eastern European countries into the EU block.
Dr Yar Muhammad who is originally from District Shikarpur of Sindh province, is at a higher academic position of Assistant Professorship at University of Tartu, Estonia.
In an interview, he said, higher-education institutions are significant players in the international landscape but it is essentially important to learn the art how to use this tool in the context of international relations.
He said, it is widely acknowledged that higher education is the movement of a large number of individuals including faculties and students which can play crucial role in relations among the nations.
Collaborative study and research projects, joint degree, consulting contracts and others activities can be increased between Pakistani and European higher-education institutions. These deeds provide opportunities for enhancement of relations at international level.

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He said, even effective advance education for Pakistani students at moderate atmosphere of Europe can promotes peace, prosperity, and sustainability at home when they start to serve the nation on their return.

To a query about role of Pakistanis in Europe, he constantly said that yes, Pakistan can improve its ties with Europe through educational and cultural intuitions. We have a large number of the people from Pakistani background in Europe and they are best contributor in making bridge between Pakistan and western societies.
To a question about scope cooperation between the educational institutions of Pakistan and Eastern Europe specially Baltic region, Dr Yar Muhammad said, the Eastern Europe specially Baltic states are rapid growing countries and the lot of potential and funds are available from Europe Union to establish academic and research collaborations and cooperation such as EU International Teaching and Research Mobility as well as HEC, Pakistan has announced funding for scholars to take an opportunity to travel Europe.
Chairman Pakistan Estonia Association said, being a Pakistani here in Eastern Europe specially Baltic states, I have come forward and trying to create bridge between Pakistan and Eastern Europe and Baltic States’ Universities. Dr Yar Muhammad added, in Baltic States many Professors/Lead Researchers are looking to get potential researchers that get start with solve research problem.

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About a recent development, he said, the first academic collaboration between Pakistan and Estonia is created couple of months ago and application is submitted for International Mobility. As well as, in Estonia, we are looking more possibilities to connect Estonian Universities with Pakistanis’ Universities.
About role of exchange of scholars and students and holding joint seminars and conferences for enhancement of ties between both sides, the professor insisted as saying, indeed exchange of scholars and students will play an important role that scholars and students work together in order to provide the solutions of the problems. In this way both sides Universities will be in close contact in academia and research exchange.
He who is holder of PhD in IT from an European University, further emphasized that arrangement of joint conference and seminars, could play an important role in bringing an opportunity to jointly work, discuss on existing problems and jointly apply for available funds. In this way both sides of researchers will be on same page for future collaborations.
He further described that EU offers a lot of funds for joint collaboration from outside the EU. With the help of joint conferences and seminars, scholars may exchange the views and get agree to work together and file the application for EU’s appropriate monetary resources.
About struggle for betterment image of Pakistan in EU, Chairman Pakistan Estonia Association said, being a Pakistani based in Europe, we have to prove and contribute to local community that we have a positive potential. It is also very important to organize the events for locals to introduce rich and diverse culture of Pakistan. Food festivals can also be arranged in order to give opportunity to local people to test the delicious foods of Pakistan as well.

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