Muslims to talk Universal Rights, not only Ummah’s Rights: A seminar in Oslo

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Report By Tariq Mohammad

Muslims should begin to talk on Universal Human Rights instead talking Umma Rights. This statement is given by Lars Gule, a social researcher and human right activist in a Seminar in Literature House the capital city of Norway Saturday. Seminar on Islam’s Approach to Social Change in Oslo was organized by Islamic Culture Centre Norway. Main speakers were Dr Jonathan Brown (professor in Georgetown University USA) and Director of Yaqeen Institute and Dr Zahid Pervaz (UK) (Principal of Markfield Institute of Higher Education). Dr Zahid Pervaz talking about meaning of Islam ashumanity, said, we Muslim living in west have to be active to deal with collective challenges of society. Islam teachs us that it is our moral duty to come forward and be a part of solutions in community. I am not going back to my parents country, I am going to live here in rest of my life with my family.

Lars Gule, a Norwegian Social and Religion Scholar was also present in the seminar. Participating in the debate with both guest speakers, he expressed concerns on issue of Hijab. According to him Muslim community should play their part of role to merge in European society easily. They should not impose Hijab on their female family members. He said. male and female are born equally. Lars Gule were also very open and bold to audience that whenever Muslim talks any type of people’s rights Then they should go out with Universal Human Rights and Human Dignity Instead they demand Ummah’s Rights as word Ummah is not good to use because it gives message to common people that Muslim just want rights for Muslim not for others.

He said, specially Norwegian Muslims must also demonstrate and demands of rights of Christian minorities, for example minorities in Middle East as like Norwegian Muslim held demonstration for rights of Rohinga Muslim in Burma in last week. Professor Jonathan Brown gave a lecture what is Quran main theme and why it is important to understand Sunnah and to understand teaching of Islam. Dr Jonathan Brown also talked why Hijab issue is important, Jonathan Brown saying Hijab has been used in Christian religion from long time, and since it is freedom, than every human has right to wear what he or she wear.

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