Three Norwegian Pakistanis, one Iranian, One Iraqi and one Indian get seat in Norway’s national parliament

Report by Overseas Tribune

Three Norwegian politicians with Pakistani background, one Iranian, One Iraqi and one Indian have secure their slot in the Norwegian national parliament.

The parliamentary elections were held in Norway on Monday, 11th September, 2017.

The Norwegian Pakistani Abid Qayyum Raja is affiliated with liberal party of Norway. It is for the second time, he has been elected a member parliament. Another newly elected MP rom Pakistani origin is Mudassar Hussain Kapur from Conservative Party.

Hadia Tajik also has been elected MP for second time.  She is former minister culture in Norway.

Himanshu Gulati who is from Indian origin, is representing the Progress Party (FrP).

The newly elected MP Mr Masud Gharahkhani is from Iran and a lady of labour party namely Zaineb Al-Samarai is originally from Iraq.

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